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House Watch Request

  1. Notice
    If you will be out of town and would like the Longwood Police Department to provide additional patrol for your residence, please complete the form below (all fields are required) and submit. Be advised, this service provides no guarantee against loss or damage to your property. The Longwood Police Department shall not be held liable for any damages or loss which occurs during absence.

    By submitting this request you are waiving all liability, rights, claims and causes of action against the City of Longwood, the Longwood Police Department and its members and attesting you are the owner or the person responsible for the property. You are granting permission for the Longwood Police Department to enter your property if necessary and will in turn file all necessary complaints to make a legal arrest in order to protect the residence.

    Once submitted, owner understands the authorization becomes effective upon the date of departure and will automatically cancel on the listed return date unless another request is submitted a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the next start date.

    The House Watch Program is provided free of charge and is limited to 30 days of service. Please note that scheduled house checks will include periodic patrols of your residence. The frequency will be determined by the activity in the area and the workload of the employee assigned to your area. The House Watch request must be submitted a minimum of 72 hours in advance of the requested start date or the service may not be provided. If you provide a valid e-mail address, you will receive written confirmation that your request has been processed.
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