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Citizens on Patrol Form

  1. COP Logo
  2. Do you want to serve and protect the Longwood Community?

    Join the Longwood Citizens on Patrol!

    The Longwood Citizens on Patrol invites you to join and serve in the finest COP Organization in Seminole County. We are proud to serve alongside and work with the men and women of the Longwood Police Department.

  3. Can you work days?
  4. Can you work nights?
  5. Can you work weekends?
  6. Would you like to be a Park Ranger?
  7. Can you attend and complete the Longwood Citizens on Patrol Academy on weekends?
  8. Thank you for filling out the COP Form. A Senior COP representative will be contacting you concerning your interest in becoming a Longwood COP and provide you with additional details about the program. 

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