Annexing Into Longwood

Let The City Of Longwood Work For You!

What is annexation?

Annexation is the process set forth in the Florida Statutes that allows properties outside the current city limits to become part of the City. Even properties with a Longwood address may not be within the actual City limits.

Why should I annex into the City of Longwood?

With an area of just over 5 square miles, the City of Longwood is able to focus on you. That means better response times for emergencies, in-person quality service at our Departments, shorter review times for those home improvement projects, and much more. Many of our services are online, but if you would prefer to visit us in person, it’s just a short drive to Downtown Longwood!

There are a number of other great benefits to being a resident and business owner in the City of Longwood:

  • Our Police and Fire staffing is protected by City Charter, meaning that even as we grow, you’ll still get the same great service.
  • Longwood’s Police Department has a number of great services available to residents including the RuOK Program, which checks in on elderly, special needs, and at-risk citizens, Child Safety Seat Checks, a Business Watch Program, and much more.
  • When Longwood residents are transported to the hospital by our Fire/EMS team, their insurance company is billed and whatever portion they pay is accepted as full payment and the remainder is written off, sometimes saving hundreds of dollars.
  • The Insurance Services Office (ISO) sets fire insurance rates for communities. Communities are rated on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the best rating. The Longwood Fire Department has a strong ISO rating of 2, which may translate into more favorable insurance rates for residents and businesses.
  • The fastest commercial and residential development review times in the area, with a committed staff ready to provide personalized service and quick turnarounds. 
  • The Raising Energy Efficiency Program (REEP) gives you money to upgrade the energy efficiency of your home when you use a Longwood business.

Does annexation mean more money out of my pocket each year?

Not necessarily. The City’s millage rate is low, stable, and annexing into the City means certain fees, including the County Fire Assessment, go away. If you’re currently on City water and sewer, annexation eliminates a monthly surcharge.

Is Longwood business-friendly?

Yes! From the City Commission to the staff level, Longwood is here to help your business succeed!  With dedicated Economic Development and Planning staff—we are ready and willing to guide your project through our streamlined review process. Longwood also offers a tax abatement program for job-creating projects among other incentives to bring your business to Longwood. 

Am I eligible for annexation?

There are certain requirements for properties to be annexed into the City of Longwood, one of the foremost is that the property must be contiguous to the city boundary. Sometimes, cities have interlocal agreements that determine whether a property can be annexed into one city or another. Staff will help you identify whether your property is eligible. 

How do I learn more?

Our staff is here to help guide you through the process and will provide you with an annexation agreement for your review. Please contact Anjum Mukherjee, our Senior Planner and lead point of contact on annexations, at (407) 260-3468 to learn more.