Infrastructure Projects

The list below includes major infrastructure projects throughout the City of Longwood, organized by category. This list is typically updated on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month. 

Last Update: March 23, 2023


New Fire Station #15

  • Description: Construction of a new Fire Station #15.
  • Status: The City has closed on the purchase of the property at 451/455 West Warren Avenue as a future location for the Fire Station and anticipates completing the design phase in Q2 2023.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact: Chris Kintner, AICP, Community Development Director

Lewis House Gazebo at Longwood Cemetery

  • Description: Construction of a gazebo in the Longwood Cemetery utilizing materials and elements from the historic Lewis House. 
  • Status: Three bids were received for the project that were significantly over budget. The plans have been re-designed to encourage additional bids and potentially reduce cost, and the project is expected to re-bid in 1Q 2023.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact: Chris Kintner, AICP, Community Development Director


Transportation and Complete Streets

Cross Seminole Trail Connector

  • Description: Construction of a shared-use path and sidewalks connecting to the Cross Seminole Trail through Arbor Park and Grant Street.
  • Status: Project is complete and the trail is open.  The City will be having a ribbon coming celebration to formally announce the trail opening.  Watch the City of Longwood website for the date and time.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact: Eric Nagowski, P.E., Public Works Engineer

Milwee Street Sidewalk Improvements

  • Description: Design, permitting and construction of approximately 787 LF of 5 to 6-foot wide sidewalk along the west side of Milwee Street from SR 434 to West Warren Avenue and approximately 1,100 LF of new 5 to 6’ sidewalk on the north and south side ow West Warren Avenue from Wilma Street to CR 427.
  • Status: 60% plans have been submitted and reviewed by the City and FDOT.  The plans are being revised based on the comments. 90% plans review will occur in April and Final Plans should be submitted late May.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact: Eric Nagowski, P.E., Public Works Engineer


17-92 Median Landscaping 

  • Description: Median landscaping improvements on 17-92 from Raven Ave. to Dog Track Road. 
  • Status: Tree location have been staked the week of 3/20.  Clearing and planting is to begin the week of 3/27.
  • Agency: City of Longwood with FDOT Funding Partnership
  • Contact: Eric Nagowski, P.E., Public Works Engineer

Ronald Reagan Boulevard Hardscape and Landscape Improvements

  • Description: Landscape and hardscape improvements on Ronald Reagan Blvd. primarily near the intersection with Church Avenue, including improvements to the area surrounding the clocktower.
  • Status: Plans have been completed.  Bidding is delayed due to funding and increased construction prices.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact:  Shad M. Smith, P.E. City Engineer/Public Works Director

Mobility Fee Study

  • Description: Preparation of a mobility plan and mobility fee study to enact a mobility fee on new developments and fund applicable transportation infrastructure improvements.
  • Status: The project is correctly in the data collection and analysis phase, with public outreach beginning in Q1 2023.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact:  Chris Kintner, AICP, Community Development Director


East Longwood Phase II Septic Tank Abatement Project

  • Description: Installation of sewer lines and connection of approximately 120 residential properties to sewer.
  • Status: Construction is estimated to begin in May 2023.
  • Agency: City of Longwood
  • Contact: Andrew Marsian, Utilities Project Manager (Public Works)

Outside Agency Projects

These projects are ones where the scheduling, timing, and implementation are completed by outside agencies, but where the project scope is within the City limits. Updates to this section may not be as frequent as these are outside agencies that may not provide regular updates to the City. 

SR 434 Resurfacing, Sidewalk Upgrades, and Median Modifications FP No. 443838-1

  • Description: Project improvements from east of Rangeline Road to US 17-92 with an exception area from Florida Central Parkway to Myrtle Ave.  Construction includes the addition of access management (medians), wider sidewalks, and milling and resurfacing.  Right-of-way is needed for corner clips to allow for u-turns.
  • Status: In the design phase. Construction is approximately 4-5 years out on the current schedule.
  • Agency: Florida Department of Transportation
  • Contact: Daniel Simpson, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Link:

SR 434 and Ronald Reagan Blvd. Intersection Improvements 

  • Description:  Addition of eastbound dual left lanes and eastbound right turn lane and westbound dual left lanes and westbound right turn lanes. Construction of stormwater pond on northwest corner property.
  • Status: 100% Final Plans are complete and plans currently on the shelf. Plans Update Phase will start once ROW Acquisition is completed by FDOT and construction funds become available. 
  • Agency: Seminole County Design and FDOT Right of Way Acquisition and Construction.
  • Contact: Angela Cardona, P.E. Seminole County Project Manager, or Teresa Cruz, P.E. FDOT Project Manager

Longwood Hills Road Seminole-Wekiva Trail Connector 

  • Description: Installation of a wide sidewalk which will function like a shared-use path from Seminole-Wekiva Trail to North Ronald Reagan Boulevard. Includes a new boardwalk bridge over Soldiers Creek just west of North Ronald Reagan Boulevard.
  • Status: Construction currently approximately 80% complete. Pilings for the new bridge/boardwalk near CR 427 and Longwood Hills Road have been installed.  Anticipated Construction Final Completion Summer 2024.
  • Agency: Seminole County
  • Contact:  Angela Cardona, P.E. Seminole County Project Manager