Planning and Zoning Applications

Below is a list of Planning and Zoning related applications, which are now available through our Online Permitting Portal. Where an application has a page of its own with more information, that page is linked below.

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If you have any questions about the below applications and how they might apply to your project, or if you would like to have the applications e-mailed to you as a PDF, please e-mail, or call us at (407) 260-3462. 

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Application TypeDescription
Development Meetings
Pre-Development Inquiry SessionThursday afternoon meetings with the Development Review Team to informally discuss a development proposal.
Pre-Application MeetingMore formal Development Review Team meeting intended as a first run of comments to help ensure your first application submittal is as complete as possible.
Exceptions and Waivers
Administrative WaiverA request for small waivers to certain elements of the Longwood Development Code.
Special ExceptionA request for larger exceptions to certain elements of the Longwood Development Code, which require a Public Hearing before the City Commission.
Grant Applications
Historic District Grant ApplicationA grant program intended to support the improvement of historic buildings in the City's Historic District.
Small Business Improvement Grant ApplicationA grant program intended to promote restaurant and retail uses.
Miscellaneous Applications
Backyard Chicken PermitThis program allows residents to raise chickens in their backyard in certain situations.
Food Truck Site Verification LetterAn application for property owners to determine whether their site is suitable to host a food truck.
Outdoor Seating PermitFor business owners who wish to add an outdoor seating area to their business.
Paint PermitPaint permits are required for commercial and Historic District properties.
Resurface/Restripe Parking LotFor the resurfacing and restriping of commercial parking areas.
Temporary Sign PermitFor temporary signs including banners and windfeathers, where applicable.
Temporary Use PermitFor events on private property including farmer's markets, car shows, and other events that may use a portion of a parking lot or create unanticipated impacts at a site.
Tree Removal PermitFor the removal of trees. 
Note: Owner-occupied single-family dwellings are exempt from the tree protection requirements of this section and are not required to obtain a tree removal permit. Where the occupant of the single-family is not the owner, the owner may provide a letter requesting the exception for that occupant.
Site Development Applications
Conditional Use PermitA site development plan for a use that requires a Conditional Use Permit under the LDC
Lot SplitTo split an existing lot into up to three lots.
Planned DevelopmentA site development process that establishes a site as a Planned Development and allows for density and intensity bonuses when certain criteria are met.
Plat (Preliminary or Final)For the subdivision of land into more than three lots
Site Development PlanAssociated with the development or redevelopment of a site, typically includes reviews of stormwater management, access, parking, setbacks, and more.
Vacation and AbandonmentRequests the vacation and abandonment of City property or right-of-way
Land Use and Zoning Changes
Annexation ApplicationFor the annexation of qualifying property into the city limits of Longwood.
Comprehensive Plan AmendmentTo propose a change to the Future Land Use of a property within the City of Longwood.
Zoning Map AmendmentTo propose a change to the Zoning of a property within the City of Longwood.