Longwood Citizen Volunteers


Point of Contact:        Eugene Gray, Director

The Longwood Citizen Volunteers was created this year under the direction of Director Eugene Gray to encompass the different existing, and also the new volunteer categories under one “umbrella” for the City of Longwood.  This new organization includes the following divisions:


Point of Contact:        Maureen Duffy, Executive Administrator

This program has been created to recruit volunteers who possess clerical skills such as phone experience, computer skills, filing skills, copier knowledge, etc. They would be willing to help when someone is needed to work on a special project, or fill in for a short period when a regular employee needs assistance, or will be out for several hours.  By creating a “bank” of clerical people who might be available on short notice, the volunteers would be able to help avoid “down time” in the offices.


Point of Contact:        Ed Benore, Lead Chaplain

This program has been created to help unite Pastors from the many different churches within the City of Longwood, and other surrounding areas.  Again, the goal here is to open the lines of communication where the different churches and their various organizations might be able to band together to help the citizens of Longwood in peaceful times of need, or in a worse scenario, times of disasters.



Point of Contact:        Chief George Moy

The Citizens on Patrol group, which was formed approximately five years ago by Director Troy Hickson and then Chief Eugene Gray, was started to help the Longwood Police Department.  The members patrol the neighborhoods and report back to the Command Center any unusual circumstances that might require the attention of the Police.  They also help direct traffic in emergency situations, and patrol/work at City functions.  They handle the City’s RuOK program which includes visiting and checking on shut-ins throughout the City.


Point of Contact:        Tim Orrange, Coordinator

The CERT group will continue to work, when requested, with the Fire Department as a volunteer group who respond in times of emergencies to help first responders at fires, search and rescue situations, and other local emergencies.  They also participate in many other City events.


Point of Contact:        Audrey Karwandy, Parade Manager

The Longwood Citizens on Patrol Christmas Parade will change its name for 2017 to the Longwood Christmas Parade, and will be under the direction of the Longwood Leisure Service Department, with Audrey Karwandy continuing as the Parade Manager.  The parade was started three years ago by the COP organization, and has continued to grow each year.


Point of Contact:        Elsie Richardson, Editor and Publisher

This magazine has updated its name to include all volunteer divisions within the City of Longwood, and Elsie Richardson will continue to handle the semi-annual publishing of this magazine.   Volunteers needed for this program will include writers, photographers, etc.  The staff of the magazine will cover all City events in addition to the events in the various volunteer categories too.


Point of Contact:        Johnnie Richardson, Coordinator and Safety Officer

This program has been created to include all types of training within the City of Longwood, i.e. the CERT program, the Citizens on Patrol program, the Administrative program, and also certain training programs within the Police and Fire Departments.  The goal will be to have the Coordinator, in addition to doing the training, also help train members to become trainers too.  There are ongoing training programs that require annual updating of certifications along with the proper record keeping that must be continually updated in personnel files.