Business Tax Receipts

Update: About Your New Business Tax Receipt Invoice

Why am I getting a new invoice?

In order to help businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Longwood City Commission voted to return business taxes to their 2019 levels or, in some cases, even lower.

How do I pay this invoice?

You’re encouraged to pay online, which can be done here. You'll need your Account ID and Pin, which are located on the bottom right of your invoice, 3 lines above the barcode. You may also pay in person. Please note that the deadline is still September 30th, so please get your payment in ASAP! Due to this late change and processing times, late fees will not be applied in October, but the state-imposed late fee will be applied after November 1.

What if I already paid the previous invoice?

If you’ve already made payment, you’re all set! Payments will be processed under the new fee schedule, and if there is any overage due to the new, reduced fees, it will be refunded to you in a few weeks.

Thank you for your patience as we worked to get this new, reduced fee schedule online. Please contact Economic Development Coordinator Kevin Cyman if you have any questions about this invoice. He can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 407-260-3442.

Business Tax Receipts

To operate a business in the City of Longwood, you are required to apply for and obtain a local business tax receipt. Whether your business operates in a commercial location or is home-based, a business tax receipt license is required pursuant to both State and local laws. Staff is available to assist you with your local business tax receipt inquiries including, but not limited to, business classification, estimated license fees, how to apply for a local business tax receipt license, and other State or County licensing/certification requirements you may need prior to obtaining your license. To learn more about Business Tax Receipts or to acquire the necessary forms, contact Economic Development Coordinator Kevin Cyman at (407) 260-3442.

The local business tax receipt is issued by the Community Development Department. This is a tax for the privilege of engaging in business, trade, or occupation within our City. Requirements and fees for obtaining a local business tax receipt vary. If your business requires State licensing, please provide a copy of this license when obtaining your business tax receipt in Longwood. Additionally, the City is able to issue a Seminole County business tax receipt.

You can access the application form for the Business Tax Receipt here. This form maybe filled out on line and emailed to the Community Development Coordinator or filled out and printed for hand delivery. The department will reply with any fees and additional instructions.

Any complaints concerning business practices, however, should be addressed, if they are licensed by the state, to the board that regulates them. For all other businesses please contact the Better Business Bureau at 407-621-3300.


To apply for a local business tax receipt visit the Community Development Department, located at 174 West Church Avenue. Please mail or hand deliver your application. At this time we do not accept electronic transmission of the application. We accept checks, cash, or money orders for payment.  If your business is located in a commercial location, please complete the night responder form which is given to public safety so they can contact you after hours if needed.  You may contact us with any questions concerning your business at (407) 260-3442.

Home Occupation Regulations & Handyman Notice

If your business is located within your home, please read and submit a signed copy of the Home Occupation Regulations (PDF). If you are a handyman, please read and submit the Handyman Notice (PDF) with your application. You may acquire these forms at the Community Development Building located at 174 West Church Ave. or contact Kevin Cyman, Economic Development Coordinator, at 407-260-3442 or email