City of Longwood Incentives

For more information on the various incentives listed below please contact Tom Krueger, Economic Development Manager, City of Longwood at or 407-260-3430.


Business Facade Improvement Grant

The City of Longwood established the Business Facade Improvement Grant Program to provide a financial incentive to commercial property and business owners to renovate and reinvest in the exterior of their business or commercial property along major commercial corridors in the City. The Business Facade Improvement Grant provided for a reimbursement grant up to $10,000 for eligible improvements with the applicant providing a matching amount of 50% of the total project cost.
The intent of this program is to inspire property owners to make improvements to certain buildings along corridors within the City to promote and attract business, and act as a catalyst to further investment. The result of each grant should be to update facades in a manner that is both functional and modern, in a manner that is consistent with the Longwood Development Code and principles of the Longwood Design Guidebook.

Longwood Economic Development Tax Abatement Program

The program provides a City of Longwood Ad Valorem Tax Abatement for new businesses to the City of Longwood or the expansion of a current business. There are requirements to be met and the granting or refusal of exemptions is at the sole discretion of the Longwood City Commissioners. For more information concerning the LEDTA program, see Chapter 82 - Taxation (Sec. 82-252) of the Longwood Code of Ordinances. Application forms may be picked up at the Longwood Community Development Building at 174 West Church Ave.

PACE Financing 

The City of Longwood offers commercial and multifamily building owners access to C-PACE program financing in order to encourage the installation of energy-efficient, renewable and resilient building infrastructure elements. The program offers the developer 100% financing, fixed interest rates, a net positive cash flow in the first year, preserves internal capital, reduces operating costs and much more. This program can change the whole dynamic of your investment. For more information go here.

Longwood Economic Enhancement Program (Brownfields)

The City of Longwood has designated current Brownfield Areas. The funding to assist in the assessment and redevelopment of these areas is state and federally funded. Be aware that recent legislation has changed the requirements for receiving the various incentives. Although a parcel may be in a designated Brownfield Area, the parcel must have a Brownfield Site designation and have a Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement or abut a Brownfield Site to be eligible for incentives and funding. For additional information regarding the Brownfield Program visit the following link; Florida Department of Environmental Protection - Brownfields Program.

Longwood Green Building Program

A City of Longwood program that promotes a sustainable future through environmentally-sensitive development. The City offers assistance through fast-track processing of permits, site plan fee reduction, marketing, and award recognition.

Seminole County Jobs Growth Incentive Trust Fund

The program is funded through an agreement between Seminole County and the City of Longwood and provides monetary incentives for qualified target industries and businesses. The funds may be used for relocation, impact fee, permitting or any other legitimate business costs. Applicants must demonstrate the creation of high paying jobs and substantial capital investment to be eligible to receive funds. Preference is given to projects that are constructing new buildings. The program is available to new, relocating and expanding companies in Seminole County. 

Companies must increase their employment base by a minimum of 10 employees and the jobs must earn 100% of the county's average annual wage. The county's current average annual wage is $50,314. Incentives are awarded on a case-by-case basis by the Board of County Commission. For more information concerning the JGI program, please contact Tom Krueger, Economic Development Manager, City of Longwood at or 407-260-3430.

Downtown Historic District Matching Grant Program

The purpose of the Downtown Historic District Matching Grant Program is to provide assistance to property owners to restore, improve or re-create historic architectural features of facades of structures anywhere within the City of Longwood Downtown Historic District. All grant funds awarded require a matching dollar-for-dollar expenditure by the owner. The allocation is on a first come basis and availability basis. The funds may be awarded as follows: 1) Contributing Structures, up to $5,000 and 2) Supporting Structure, up to $3,000. Application forms may be picked up at the Longwood Community Development Building at 174 West Church Ave or contact Kristin Zack-Bowen, Community Development Coordinator at 407-260-3462 or email at Send mail to

Raising Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

The City of Longwood has created a new economic development initiative to promote energy efficiency while also providing a boost to the local Longwood economy. The Raising Energy Efficiency Program is an incentive for Longwood residents to utilize contractors, suppliers or other businesses located within the city limits when making energy efficiency improvements to their home. The program offers rebates of up to $500 a year per owner-occupied residence. For additional information see the City of Longwood's Building Department.