With 59 million visitors a year, Orlando has perfected the art of getting to and from here and is easily accessible to the entire globe. The region is home to 3 international airports, including Orlando International Airport which is the third-largest origin and destination airport in the U.S.

Port Canaveral and the Atlantic Ocean are within a 45-minute drive and the Port of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico is only an hour away, putting European, North American, and South American markets at our gateway.

On land, the region sits at the crossroads of Florida's highway network, serving as a hub for distribution. SunRail, the region's commuter rail system is operational from Volusia to Orange County. All of that connectivity is invaluable for business.

The City of Longwood is home to a FedEx Express and UPS hub, making the shipping and receiving of goods convenient and less costly.

Proximity of Nearby Cities to Longwood

City                                                                              Driving Distance in Miles from Longwood
Orlando 14
Tampa 98
Miami 247
Atlanta 452
Charlotte 517
New Orleans
Houston 977