Stormwater Quality

The stormwater team focuses on regularly inspecting inlets, outlets culverts, construction sites, lakes, and ponds in an effort to prevent discharge of treated effluent to groundwater.  Each inspection visit involves checking for proper record keeping, mechanical components and taking effluent samples for compliance with NPDES permit standards.

No Dumping - Drains to Lake

Help Improve Stormwater Quality

The stormwater drainage system collects and transports storm runoff that may contain certain pollutants. Maintaining catch basins, stormwater inlets, and other stormwater drainage structures regularly will remove pollutants, prevent clogging of the downstream drainage system, restore catch basins’ sediment trapping capacity, ensure the system functions properly hydraulically to avoid flooding, and improve the water quality of our lakes and rivers.

For storm drain issues and maintenance please contact Matt Hockenberry at 407-263-2379 or email.

Mosquito Service Request

Seminole County is required to follow Florida laws and regulations regarding mosquitoes.

Submit a Mosquito Spray Request by using the word "mosquito" in the search box.