Code Compliance

The Code Compliance function of the Building Division is responsible for the enforcement of City Ordinances and State Codes which address zoning, signage, public health, safety and select building codes.

Reporting a Code Compliance Violation

You may report a potential code compliance violation by opening a Citizen Request at this location. You may choose to make an anonymous report.  You may also call the Code Compliance Division at (407) 260-3465.

Compliance actions are taken as a result of citizen complaints and proactive patrolling.

You can also access the Longwood City Code here.

Mission & Goal

“Code Compliance exists to promote, maintain, and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Longwood. We are committed to compliance and education through professional and dedicated service.” The ultimate goal of code compliance is "voluntary compliance."

Lien Reduction Program

The City of Longwood has implemented a lien reduction program that allows property owners with liens related to outstanding code violations to reduce and remove liens on those properties following a correction of the violation. The resolution adopting the program is below as well as the Lien Reduction Request form for qualifying properties.
Resolution 17-1445
Lien Reduction Request Form