17-92 Small Area Plan

Revitalizing & Transforming the 17-92 Corridor

The Longwood City Commission approved the 17-92 Small Area Plan at its November 16, 2015 meeting. The adopted Small Area Plan includes action items to revitalize and transform the 17-92 corridor: development incentives for key catalyst sites, a streetscape project, and the sunsetting of nonconforming signage and landscaping, and more. View the adopted 17-92 Small Area Plan (PDF).

Development Moratorium on 17-92 Corridor

In order to complete a study of the 17-92 Corridor through the City of Longwood, the City Commission announced an extension of the 17-92 development moratorium effective until June 30, 2016. The moratorium, which suspends the acceptance, processing, and issuance of development orders and development permits (except for applications for interior alterations that do not affect or alter the current use, intensity, or density), allows the City to review land development regulations and coordinate with neighboring Winter Springs on unified regulations.
A 3 lane one-way street