Building Division
Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m.
Call in Inspections at (407) 260-3471

Forms and Information Sheets

General Permit Application
Change of Contractor
Demolition Permit Information and Service Disconnect Form

Do I Need A Permit?
FEMA Elevation Certificate Package
HVAC Matching Equipment Certification

HVAC Permitting Form

Impervious Surface Calculations Sheet
Limited Power of Attorney
Notice of Commencement
Owner-Builder Statement
Permit Requirements
Request for Pre-Power
Required Information on Construction Drawings (Residential)
Revision Form (Commercial and Residential)
Sign Permit Application
Stocking Permit
Tug Form - Residential

Roof Permit Information

Roofing Inspection Affidavit
Commercial Roofing Information Sheet

Residential Roofing Information Sheet

Additional Permit Information

Additional Information Form
Energy Calculation
Hold Harmless Agreement
Residential Driveway Access Policies 
Sewer Connections
Building Division

The Building Division is responsible for taking in permit applications, administering the permit review process, issuing permits, performing inspections, and issuing certificates of occupancy.

Building Permits and Information

Permit Requirements - Click on "Permit Requirements" to view the requirements for different types of permits. Once you review this, all required documentation for permitting is available under "Forms and Information Sheets" to the right.

Fee Schedule - Click here to see the current Fee Schedule for the Building Division.

Click here to Download a General Permit Application.  Other permits and additional information sheets are listed below. For a Sign Permit Application, please click here.

Do I Need A Permit?  Click here to learn more about permit requirements and the building permit process.

Building Division Contacts

Randy Lamb, Building Official (407) 260-3461
Corrinne Fail, Permit Clerk (407) 260-3464
Steven Roseman, Building Inspector (407) 263-2337
Building Inspection Line (407) 260-3471
Fax (407) 263-2348


Cost Recovery Policy

The City of Longwood Community Development Services Department has a cost recovery policy on all development applications. This means that any direct cost incurred by the City as part of development review (from engineers, surveyors, attorneys, etc.) will be passed on to the applicant.  Click here for an informational flyer with more on the Cost Recovery policy.

Longwood Raising Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

The City of Longwood has created a new economic development initiative to promote energy efficiency while also providing a boost to the local Longwood economy. The Raising Energy Efficiency Program is an incentive for Longwood residents to utilize contractors, suppliers or other businesses located within the city limits when making energy efficiency improvements to their home. The program offers rebates of up to $500 a year per owner-occupied residence. Click here for more information on REEP.

How Are We Doing? Let Us Know

As part of the Community Development Services Department's commitment to customer service, a Customer Satisfaction Survey is now available for you to let us know your thoughts on the development review process.