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Longwood Raising Energy Efficiency Program (REEP)

The City of Longwood has created a new economic development initiative to promote energy efficiency while also providing a boost to the local Longwood economy.  The Raising Energy Efficiency Program provides rebates of up to $500 a year per owner-occupied residence to homeowners who utilize contractors, suppliers, or other businesses located within the city limits of Longwood to make energy efficient improvements to their home.

Eligible Improvements Include:

·         HVAC System Upgrades

·         Solar Panel or Photovoltaic Systems (including Pools)

·         Insulation Upgrades

·         Exterior Window and Door Upgrades

·         Window Film Installation

·         Tankless Water Heaters

·         Solar Water Heaters

·         Roof Replacement


For more information on projects, please download this program brochure and application package.  For more questions on REEP, contact Corrinne Fail at (407) 260-3464.