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Uber and the City of Longwood have partnered to create a pilot project where the City will integrate Uber’s ride-share technology to boost SunRail ridership and address transportation needs. This convenient service eliminates worry over finding parking at popular venues, allows individuals who can’t drive the ability to get around the City and provides solutions to urgent situations such as car repair, health care, etc.

"We're really talking about transforming transportation in the region for the next 20 years," Longwood Mayor Joe Durso said. "Let's face it: Growth is not going to stop and our roads are only going to get more congested. We're trying to make it easier for people to get around our community efficiently and affordably by providing innovative options. Uber is just such an option.”

This is a one-of-a-kind project where Five Central Florida cities are collaborating to make it easier for residents to use Uber to get to SunRail stations and other destinations. Maitland, Lake Mary, Longwood and Sanford joined the City of Altamonte Springs in providing discounts on Uber trips that begin and end in each respective city. The discount is 25 percent for trips that begin or end at a SunRail station and 20 percent for all other trips. The new plan goes into effect July 1, 2016 and Uber users will start seeing the discounts immediately. To view the Longwood coverage are click here.

The cities have established a Municipal Mobility Working Group to collectively evaluate how ride-sharing technology can be incorporated into their mobility plans both in the short term and the future. The pilot project for each city runs through July of 2017. The cities will also explore the feasibility of offering discounts on Uber trips that go through two or more of the participating cities.

The Cities' goals of the partnership are to:

• Help alleviate traffic congestion by promoting ride-sharing through Uber

• Improve connectivity to regional transit

• Meet changing transportation needs of the community

• Offer flexible transportation options

• Assess ways that technology and ride-sharing can be utilized to meet future transportation needs

To use the new feature, Longwood riders must enter the promo code "LONGWOOD" and choose the Longwood option to receive the discounted services. The app will recognize if the user is within the Longwood city limits. The subsidized portion of rides is automatically deducted from the rider's cost of the trip.

For a map of the Uber coverage area for Longwood click here.