Community Development

The Community Development Department provides planning, building, and economic development services for the City.


The Planning Division is responsible for long-range planning and development and permit review. The Planning Division assists the community to define and implement the City's vision.

The Building Division is responsible for taking in permit applications, administering the permit review process, issuing permits, performing inspections, issuing certificates of occupancy and code compliance. The Building Division has documents for you to download printable permit applications.

Economic Development is a key function of the Community Development Department. Learn more about how Longwood looks to support and attract businesses to the City of Longwood.
  1. State Requirement for Blower Door Tests Effective July 1, 2017

    Starting July 1, 2017, new construction on residential buildings or dwelling units shall have mandatory Blower Door Testing performed by an approved 3rd party agency. Read on...
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Community Development Director

Chris Kintner, AICP
(407) 260-3462
  1. Kristin Zack-Bowen

    Community Development Coordinator
    Phone: (407) 260-3462

  2. Shad Smith

    City Engineer
    Phone: (407) 260-3447

  3. Tom Krueger

    Economic Development Manager
    Phone: (407) 260-3430

  4. Marie Regan

    Phone: 407-263-2334

  5. Anjum Mukherjee

    Senior Planner
    Phone: (407) 260-3468

  1. Robert Bailey

    Building Official
    Phone: (407) 260-3461

  2. Corrinne Fail

    Permit Clerk
    Phone: (407) 260-3464

  3. Lisa Martin

    Permit Clerk
    Phone: (407) 260-3464

  4. Kathy Addison

    Building Inspector
    Phone: (407) 263-2337

  5. Brittany Gelm

    Code Compliance
    Phone: 407-260-3465